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Due to the resignation of Mark Henry from the Vice President role, a vacancy was created for the position to be filled.
At the SMC meeting of May 15th, Ordinary Committee member Shannon Decker, was nominated by Simon Thomas and duly unanimously elected.
Congratulations to Shannon and thank you for taking on the Vice Presidency position.
For those who were wondering if they could make the trip to the ride in time to vet in on Friday night, I have spoken to Trish and the vet ring will be going til around 8pm on Friday night.
At a pinch, the odd horse may be able to be accommodated after this time if you make prior arrangements by contacting Trish.
Plenty of time to come after work if you can't wangle a day off 😉
A ride not to be missed as the tracks are terrific, no bitumen roads and plenty of new bushland for people to see.
Forecast is for a dry mild day -20 degrees - on Saturday, perfect for riding.
We need our nominations numbers so we can make the arrangements for the number of vets (for newer people, our rules require the ride organiser to have a particular ratio of vets to horses so they need to know in advance if an extra vet is needed or not.)
Please, please, please get your nominations in asap so these final arrangements can be made!

On behalf of the SMC, we regretfully accept the resignation of Mark & Renee Henry and thank them for their valuable contribution.  We wish you every success in your future endeavours and look forward to catching up with you both at the rides.


Hi all,

Lots has been happening behind the scenes and I am very happy to announce there have been 2 more rides added to the calendar.


Lancefield Endurance Ride 25/26th of May with distances on Saturday- 10,20km and Sunday 20,40,80km. I would like to take this opportunity

to thank Bek and Paul for putting on this ride again, not only are they ride organisers, they are both actively involved in vital roles within VERA

so please take the time to thank them both for everything they do for our sport!