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VERA's Merchandise Officer,  Mezcal Manners, has been working pretty hard over the last few weeks getting together the start of our VERA merchandise line. Our Webmaster, Mark Gabb, has also been burning the midnight oil to get our website updated to include a merchandise page. Go to the Merchandise page and check out the new items.

We'll add some more product lines once we have seen how successful these items are. Please note that the pricing has been kept as low as possible so that take advantage of these COVID-19 bargains.

The VERA SMC would like to advise that we will be again offering half year memberships. This membership will be available from 1 July. The Membership Application form is available on the VERA website under the Forms menu. If you have any questions regarding this membership please contact our Membership Registrar, Sandra Feil.

The VERA SMC has held its emergency meeting (using digital tools to avoid face to face interactions and unnecessary travel) and voted unanimously to suspend all endurance activities until further notice as a result of the Government's advice that they will be banning all non-essential activities.
The SMC will continue to monitor the situation closely and will, when Government restrictions are lifted, review this decision and re-start the endurance season as soon as possible.

According to the latest information provided by our Premier the following changes to the COVID-19 restrictions will be implemented from 22 June:

From 11:59pm on 21 June, full-contact training and competitions may resume for people 18 years and under.  Non-contact sporting competitions for all age groups can also begin from 11:59pm on 21 June.  Adults can resume full-contact training from 13 July and full-contact competition from 20 July.

Gathering limits will not apply to participants and those reasonably necessary to conduct the training or competition (e.g. umpires, coaches).

It is possible that these restrictions may change if the new case numbers continue to increase but the VERA SMC have decided that we'll give it a go and start to organise some rides. Watch this space as we confirm with Ride Organisers that they will be running their rides.  It will be great to see you all again.


After in depth consultation with all organisers concerned, we are saddened to have to cancel the ride planned for the last weekend in May.  Mount Cole Endurance Inc. prides itself on not only a quality ride, but an enjoyable social gathering as well.  Due to the current the health warnings and restrictions, along with the challenge of supplying hygiene necessities for all, we sadly feel we cannot meet this goal.  Please watch for a bigger and better ride in 2020.  Apologies for any inconvenience.