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The VERA SMC is calling for Expressions of Interest from members who are keen to contribute to our sport by applying for the position of Committee Member.  Currently there are two vacant positions – one arising from the recent resignation of an existing Committee Member and the other position was unfilled at the AGM.  A Position Description is attached that outlines the skills required and the responsibilities for this role.

The Expression of Interest should be submitted to the VERA Secretary (Ellen Prestage) via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Any questions in relation to this Expression of Interest or to the requirements of the role can be addressed to the VERA President (Linda Tanian) via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via mobile (0409 415 355).

All submissions must be received by 4 April 2019.  The SMC will review the received submissions as soon as possible after this date and notify the successful and unsuccessful applicants as well as members.


To View to PD Click HERE

The State Management Committee have resurrected the Discount Ride Entry
Policy.  This policy is about encouraging further attendance at endurance
rides by providing a discounted ride entry to one rider.  At each VERA ride
one discounted ride entry voucher will be awarded, via a lucky draw, to any
competitors in the endurance rides.  The draw is done by the Ride
Secretaries and entry into the draw is open to all riders regardless of a
successful outcome in the endurance ride.  The prize is handed out at the
presentations.  To be eligible for the discounted ride entry voucher the
rider must be in attendance at the presentations.  

The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of the ride at which it was
won.  The winner of the draw can then present the voucher at a future ride
and be entitled to a discount of $25 off the ride entry fee.  

Please see the attached document for further details on this initiative.



Notice to Volunteers with Working with Children Check. If you have VERA listed as an organisation on your MyCheck profile please ensure that the correct address and phone number is shown. VERA has now updated the Organisation record to the current Secretary's address/phone contact but this does not flow through automatically to any personal records.

You may need to review the details in your profile for VERA's address. Please contact our VERA Secretary, Ellen Prestage for the details and how to change this information on your MyCheck profile.

The State Management Committee have determined that they would like to obtain direct feedback from members/non-members on issues that need addressing within our sport. To help the SMC do that we have put together a very short survey seeking your comments on the 3 top issues you face in the sport. This survey is anonymous so please feel free to be as frank as you like without being disrespectful.

The SMC will then collate the feedback and determine the issues that are having the biggest impact on the sport and work to address these highest priority items first.

Please do not miss out on this opportunity to have your say. The survey will be available until the 28th March.


The SMC are very pleased to announce that Sandra Feil has been selected as our new Membership Registrar.  For those who have been around for a little while Sandra was Treasurer for the very successful Tonimbuk Tom Quilty event. Sandra and her daughter Caley have been involved in endurance for many years and Sandra’s granddaughter is going to make her endurance debut in the 5km event at Lancefield this coming weekend.

We had 4 high quality applications from members and would like to thank each of those applicants for their willingness to contribute and support our sport as well as our members by volunteering their time. 

Sandra will go through a short training period to get up to speed with the requirements of the role and a further announcement will be made once she is ready to take on membership activities.  Please continue to direct any questions or applications to Kerrie in the short term. 

For those people who don't have access to a scanner when filling out forms by paper, you can try one of the apps below.

It allows you to take photos of each page and then convert them to pdf documents you can simply attach to email and send, this solution is great great for membership forms and ride entries.

The android app works great, and seeing as the app is made by the same people im sure the apple version works the same too.

This allows for much better processing by ride organisers and anyone else who handles VERA forms.


Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.scan.android&hl=en_AU
Apple - https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/adobe-scan/id1199564834?mt=8