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AERA have provided the attached insurance brochures from the AERA Insurers,
SUREWISE, for members, Ride Organisers and Vets.  Please take the time to
read the attachments and inform yourselves.  For any questions in regard to
insurance matters please contact Paul Nugent, VERA's Insurance Officer.






The following letter has been received from AERA regarding an error in the AERA rule book. Please note the change within your rule book for future reference.




Equestrian Australia is driving an awareness campaign on the effects of concussion in equestrian sport. Attached is a power point presentation outlining what to look for in someone who has suffered a knock. Please read this and inform yourselves of the impacts of concussion.



At the VERA meeting on Saturday the SMC discussed the purchase of the Electronic Timing System (ETS). The recent ETS Training was very instrumental in assisting us to gain a better understanding of what was required for the set-up, operation and management of the system and this definitely helped in the decision-making process.

The VERA SMC has received notification from the AERA Distance Registrar that 3 members have now achieved the 10,000km Rider Distance Award. Congratulations to Shannon Decker, Nikki Robinson and Wendy Riha on achieving this award. It reflects a lot of hard work - both on and off the track – a lot of dedication to our sport, support from partners and family and outstanding care and consideration for the horses ridden to achieve this distance. Awards will be presented to Shannon, Nikki and Wendy at the AGM/Presentations to be held at the start of next year.