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A quick up date from Stirlings Crossing. A late change to our teams. VERA have still fielded two teams which are :

Victoria State Team Victoria Open Team
Marty Bryson - Miss Dior Mi
Simon Thomas - Rocky Point Sands of Sinhalite
Nicole Porter- Avondale Silvertron
Gina Thompson - Henley Farm Islah
Shannon Decker - Rock Point Sands of Cinnabar
Shea Reynolds - Henley Farm Rasikh
Heather Stuchbree - Sangah Sahreen
Sally-Anne Duke - Aloha Ramivez


Congratulations to all VERA team representatives. We all wish you a successful event!


Is your nomination complete?

There are at least 40 nominations to TQ23 that are not complete because declarations have not been signed by a rider or a trainer and in some cases both.

Please check your emails or prompt those you have nominated to check their emails, including junk emails or go back to your AERA Online nominations and sign there. Note that International riders will also have to sign a Day Member declaration.

If this is not done, you will have to complete paper forms on the day which will be a slower process for you and us than just picking up your ride bib.

Some random names who should be checking - Phoebe, Jo, Georgie, Kristie, Renee, Kaitlyn, Alexa, Dylan, Angela, Chloe, Gemma, Ashley - to name a few.


For those unsure of their status.

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The attached file is a Tom Quilty Teams Entry Form.
There are several different types of teams able to enter, not just State Representative teams chosen by each state Division Association.
If you are going along to the Quilty and want to make up a team, check the relevant categories (restricted and non-restricted) and use this form to enter.
You can also make up teams with friends from different states, you're not restricted by geography.
On behalf of the VERA Inc SMC I would like to congratulate the following rider and horse combinations who have been selected to represent Victoria in the Teams Event at Stirling's Crossing, Queensland on 23/24 June 2023.

It is that time of year where we are asking for expressions of interest for the TQ23 VERA Inc. Team Nominations.
Please note that closing date is the 19th May and need to be returned to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.