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The VERA SMC have sent out the notification of the AGM location and date along with the Nomination Form and the form for listing any business for discussion on the AGM Agenda. These have either been emailed or mailed out so please keep your eyes out for this communication.

Attached are the forms. If you wish to nominate for the SMC or list items for discussion, please complete the forms and return to our VERA Secretary (contact details on the website).

AGM Nomination and Business Form 2021

The VERA AGM was held on Saturday at the Landsborough Recreation Reserve. Despite ordinary weather earlier in the morning the day was beautiful and warm and an outdoor AGM location was perfect.

There wasn't a huge turn up of members but that didn't stop the good, in depth discussions and contributions on the agenda items.

Please find attached and below the flyer for the 2020 AGM to be held on 16th January 2021. The posts below contain the following documents:

The SMC would love to see as many members as possible at the AGM, Presentations and lunch afterwards so that we can catch up after a year of not seeing too many of you.

Please give some serious consideration to nominating for a position on the Committee as currently the number of nominations received is insufficient to run the Association. We need more people to put their hand up and offer a bit of their time to assist with the many activities that are planned.

Please note that numbers attending need to be provided to the VERA Secretary, Ellen Prestage, by 9 JANUARY 2021 for catering purposes.


The VERA SMC would like to provide some advice on Proxy Voting at the AGM for the information of members.

Proxy voting is permitted at an AGM and Proxy Voting Forms will be sent with the AGM Agenda. Proxy votes must be received by the VERA Secretary, Ellen Prestage, if sent electronically or by mail, no less than 24 hours before the start time of the agenda. Any Proxy votes received via these mediums after the minimum 24 hours will be declared invalid.

Proxy votes can be handed to the Chair of the meeting prior to the start of the meeting. Voting by proxy is not permitted for the election of Committee members. A member can only hold 5 proxy votes. All proxy votes will be scrutinised to ensure that the person providing the proxy is a member and that the person holding the proxy is also a member.

Download the Proxy Form here.

Please find attached the Nomination for VERA State Management Committee Form and the AGM General Business Notification Form. The VERA SMC would like to encourage members to consider nominating for the SMC next year. We have run with a very small number of Committee Members this year and definitely need some additional hands to help out with the work load. It has been a difficult year this year for all of us and the SMC is really keen to make sure 2021 is much better. It will be considerably easier to achieve this aim with assistance from our members.

It would be very much appreciated if you could forward nominations and business for inclusion on the agenda by 19th December 2020 to meet the timelines defined within the Constitution. These nominations are to be submitted to the VERA Secretary, Ellen Prestage, whose contact details are on the VERA website.

Please make sufficient allowance for delivery if using mail services.

The AGM Agenda, minutes from the previous AGM and any attachments will be sent out by 27 December 2020. If you have any questions in regard to the AGM processes please contact ask and a response will be provided.


Nomination and New Bussinees form