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The VERA AGM was held on Saturday at the Trios Sports Club at Cranbourne. The AGM proceeded very smoothly with a lot of engagement around the subject of rides. The End of Year Presentations followed along with a dinner. Congratulations to all the place getters and winners of the awards.

A good crowd of members and guests attend both events and it was great to see so much interaction happening. Lots of table hopping, laughter and conversations going on.  Speech of the night goes to a very proud grandad Steve Blackhurst!

The flyer for the 2019 VERA AGM/Presentation Dinner is attached.  For those attending this event please advise attendance and make the necessary payment as per directions on the Flyer.  If you have any questions please direct these to the Secretary, Ellen Prestage or the President, Linda Tanian



The VERA SMC would like to provide some advice on Proxy Voting at the AGM for the information of members.

Proxy voting is permitted at an AGM and Proxy Voting Forms will be sent with the AGM Agenda. Proxy votes must be received by the Secretary, if sent electronically or by mail, no less than 24 hours before the start time of the agenda. Any Proxy votes received via these mediums after the minimum 24 hours will be declared invalid.

Proxy votes can be handed to the Chair of the meeting prior to the start of the meeting. Voting by proxy is not permitted for the election of Committee members. A member can only hold 5 proxy votes. All proxy votes will be scrutinised to ensure that the person providing the proxy is a member and that the person holding the proxy is also a member.

If you have any questions in regard to this aspect of the AGM please ask.

The VERA SMC would like to advise that the AGM Agenda for 2020 and the Minutes from the AGM held in 2019 has now been sent to members with email details available.  All other members will be posted the paperwork via mail on Monday.  If you do not receive the documents within a few working days of posting please contact the VERA Secretary (Ellen Prestage).  Attached is the following documents:

The VERA SMC would like to provide the following information on the upcoming AGM.

The date for the AGM is 18th January 2020. A venue is yet to be determined and the format will be finalised at the next meeting (30th November). It is most likely to be an afternoon AGM, dinner and presentations.

Members who wish to be considered for nomination for a position as a Committee member on the VERA State Management Committee should complete the attached Form 1 Nomination for VERA State Management Committee. This form needs to be returned to the VERA Secretary (Ellen Prestage) by 16th December 2019. Please note that the Form must be completed correctly to be considered a valid nomination. Ellen's contact details are on the VERA website.

If members have any business they would like to have included on the AGM agenda, including any motions or special resolutions, please complete the attached Form 2 AGM General Business Notification and return this to the VERA Secretary by 16th December 2019. Please note that the Form must be completed correctly to be considered a valid nomination.

The AGM Agenda and any other relevant papers will be put together and sent via email and post (where an email address is not available) prior to Christmas to meet the specified timelines contained within the Constitution.

If you have any questions regarding any of the AGM processes please ask.


AGM Business and nomination form