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Due to a number of incidents where riders entering at rides have not been aware of the rules of the sport the SMC has had rule books printed. These will be handed out to all MEMBERS at forthcoming rides or will be posted to new Members when they join.

Please read the rule books and make yourself aware of the rules. We don't want to have riders not being able to enter their first 80km event because they haven't got a logbook or horses with logbooks being refused entry into any of the rides as a result of leaving the logbook at home.

For those people who are not members please go to the AERA website (www.aera.asn.au) and download a copy of the rules.

If at any time you have a query about any rules or the requirements for entry please either post the question on the VERA FB page (there will be other people who will have the same question as you) or contact the VERA President of Secretary - see the VERA website for contact details.

As a member you are responsible for knowing the rules so please help us to ensure you can enter the event you wish to by knowing the requirements for entry.

Thanks to Lyn Taylor for providing this suggestion to assist our members.