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At the VERA meeting on Saturday the SMC discussed the purchase of the Electronic Timing System (ETS). The recent ETS Training was very instrumental in assisting us to gain a better understanding of what was required for the set-up, operation and management of the system and this definitely helped in the decision-making process.


All the information gained over the past few months has been reviewed and pricing options in terms of purchasing the system outright, hiring the system of behalf of ROs or getting the ROs to hire the system directly were looked at (AERA will be charging a $250 hire fee for use of the system starting 1 January 2020).

Included in the review was assessment of payback periods for purchasing the equipment vs hiring the equipment.

The Committee have determined to purchase the ETS but will defer this purchase until the start of 2020 as a result of the purchases being made under the Asset Replacement program. As the State Championships Organising Committee have already arranged to loan the system for this year’s event this deferral should not have any adverse impacts.

Delaying the purchase will assist in spreading the cost of the asset purchase/replacement program across two financial years.

The SMC would like to thank the membership for its patience while the due diligence process was completed and we look forward to having the system available for next year’s rides.