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1. Welcome.

2. Apologies.

3. Confirmation of Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meeting minutes.

4. Tabling and adoption of President’s report.

5. Tabling and adoption of Treasurer’s report.

6.  Election of members to vacant positions.

6.1 Appoint a Chairperson from among the eligible members to chair the election proceedings

6.2 Appoint Scrutineers to oversee voting

6.3 Stand down of 2018 State Management Committee members at end of their term and declare all applicable positions vacant

6.4 Elections

6.4.1 Election of Executive:


Nominations received from: Paul Nugent and Linda Tanian

Vice President

Nominations received from Carol Laidlaw and Paul Nugent


Nil Nominations. Nominations taken from the floor


Nominations received from Kerrie Gabb and Damien Little

6.4.2 Appointment of Ordinary Committee

Nominations received from: Alex Enticknap, Kerrie Gabb (if unsuccessful as Treasurer), Carol Laidlaw (if unsuccessful as Vice President), Damien Little (if unsuccessful as treasurer), Michael Milne, Linda Tanian (if unsuccessful as President)

Ordinary Committee vacancies will be dependent on the outcome of the election results for the executive and therefore will determine which candidates will be appointed to the Ordinary Committee. No vote will be required due to the number of positions vacant being equal to the number of the available pool of candidates.

6.4.3   Disputes Panel – 5 positions to be nominated and elected from those present.    

6.4.4 Grievance Officer – to be nominated and elected from those present.

       Items for Discussion.

7.1  Rides running under VERA Incorporation

Notice of Motion proposed by Caroline Noble and seconded by Kendall Noble (Carried over from last AGM held on January 20th 2018 )

Motion: “That all rides be run under VERA Inc so removing the financial burden    from Ride Organisers (Unless they specifically want to eg: Moyston ride, run for charity)”

7.2     Electronic Timing System

Notice of motion proposed by Bronwyn Cuthbertson and seconded by Sandy Little.

Motion: “That VERA Inc purchase the Electronic Timing System from AERA prior to the VERA State Championships 2019 at a total cost of $10,978.00 (Incl GST)”

Information and rationale are contained within the notice attached as appendix 1

7.3    Membership Categories

Item for discussion proposed by Paul Nugent and seconded by Rebecca Williamson

‘That either Associate Members be provided with voting rights or a new membership category be created for non riding members who wish to have voting rights’.

7.4 AERA Constitution

Discussion regarding proposed changes to the AERA constitution and resolution to be adopted to direct AERA Delegates’ response to AERA on behalf of VERA Members.

(Go to www.aera.asn.au to view proposed changes)

Meeting Close (followed by a short meeting of new State Management Committee)

2018 AGM Agenda 2018 AGM Appendix 1

For google maps link please click here https://goo.gl/maps/Gv5U35Kxev92