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A rally is being planned for 27th August to protest the closure of parks in Victoria. This rally is being organised by the Bush User Group and details can be found on the following FB page: https://www.bugu.org.au/?fbclid=IwAR0-CBHs0f7XOYcU7lDdYcUdenNDl0jbCEv0RfwdDT-2xUvVi9s1HpAWIIs

This is very pertinent to endurance riding as access to tracks will no longer be available and we will lose our rides.

If you have time to head to Melbourne and join the rally please do. It's not time to be complacent and rely on other people standing up. We all need to be heard and to join in with other user groups.

VERA will be writing to politicians to put our case before Parliament. If you cannot make it to the rally then please send a letter to Louise Staley, Member for Ripon who has promised to put our letters before Parliament.