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With the AGM approaching on January 20th, 2024 it is time to make available the forms for PROXY voting, for NOMINATING for a position on the SMC and notification of items for consideration under GENERAL BUSINESS.
Please note that the SMC Position Nomination form and item for General Business form are on the same sheet.
The Proxy vote form is separate.

2 pages, 3 forms!
In order to ensure the AGM is conducted correctly and that you, the members, have your input, I STRONGLY recommend that you download and read the VERA Inc Constitution available below:

Nominations for SMC position procedures are in Section 53, pp 24/25
Proxy voting is discussed at Section 35 p 18
AND importantly also in Section 40, sub section d, p 20.
The Items for General Business form is self explanatory.
If you wish to nominate for one of the TWO COMMITTEE POSITIONS THAT ARE VACANT, (both positions are Ordinary Committee) please complete the form and ensure it is received by the Secretary no later than 23rd December 2023.
If you will be holding PROXIES from other members, you must take the signed proxy forms with you and give them to the meeting chair OR if a member can't physically give a proxy form to their appointee, they must ensure the ensure the Secretary has a copy of the form no less than 24 hours before the commencement of the AGM.

AGM Nomintation Form
Proxy Vote Form