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The SMC would like to let you know about the new trailer purchases that have been made this year.

We have had 2 brand new trailers built, these will be able to be all in one stop shop at any ride base if required. There will be room for the ride sec to do entries and all the ride sec work. They will have lights attached, so no more need for hiring of light towers for RO’s.

There will be more room for the VERA equipment to be in there, so easier for the RO’s to access and use. With the 12V system including solar panels, and batteries required by the RO’s can stay charged ready to go.They are still a work in progress as they are getting fitted with 240V power, but once they are up and running, as an RO if you wish to use them as the one stop shop or just to get the equipment to your ride base, the choice is yours.

We can’t wait to get them finished, with signwriting on them, and get them out to the RO’s and members to see and use next year.