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30.1 There are no rider riding divisions in introductory, intermediate, training rides, micro-marathon or mini-marathon rides.

30.2 For endurance and marathon rides, riders shall enter and compete in one riding division only according to Table 14.

Table 14   Rider riding division criteria Riding division Criteria

Heavyweight  All-up riding weight of 91 kg or greater

Middleweight All-up riding weight of 73 kg or greater

Lightweight No minimum weight

Junior Riders who attain the age of 17 years or less in the year of the ride.

Junior riders shall only enter the junior division and there are no weight restrictions for junior riders.

(Junior riders to take note that if your 18th birthday is in December, you are considered to be an adult rider for that entire year onwards and membership must be paid accordingly )

30.3 All riders in all riding divisions shall be weighed as follows to determine their all-up riding weight:

a) at the pre-ride weigh to confirm their riding division, and

b) at the completion of the last leg of the ride.

(Rule 20.14 For the purpose of calculating the BC score, the riders final weights to be used are the all-up weight recorded at the completion of the last leg but subject to the following maximum weights for each riding division: Junior – no upper limit.  Lightweight – 72.9 kg.  Middleweight – 90.9 kg.   Heavyweight – no upper limit.) So in the event you choose to ride lightweight and at the completion of the event your weight was 76kg, you will only be given 72.9kg as your riding weight in a BC weight score.

30.4 Lightweight & junior riders shall only be required to weigh pursuant to Clause 30.3.

30.5 Middleweight & heavyweight riders shall maintain the minimum weight for their respective riding division throughout the ride and may be randomly weighed during the ride as determined by the chief steward. A rider whose all-up riding weight falls below the minimum required for their respective riding division shall be eliminated by the chief steward.

30.6 Middleweight & heavyweight riders who can make their minimum weight requirement without their saddle may do so except as required by Clause 30.3.