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46.2 A horse may compete indefinitely at novice horse status subject to Clause 47. (if they do not upgrade, they must compete under the Rules for novice horses)

46.3 To progress from novice status to endurance status, the horse shall have been issued with a novice horse logbook, and utilising that novice horse logbook, successfully completed a minimum of 3 endurance rides in any riding division.

(Application forms are available on the VERA website, Novice logbook fee is $32.00, no other additional registration fee [Annual or lifetime] is required for Novice Horses, at this stage a Veterinary ID or microchip is not required, horse logbooks are only issued to financial members)



46.5 The application shall not be processed by the DA unless and until:

a) the requirements of Clause 46.3 have been satisfied, and

b) the application is accompanied by the appropriate novice horse logbook, and

c) a minimum of 90 days has elapsed from the date of the horses first successfully completed endurance ride, and

d) the horse has been identified by a microchip implant, and

e) a complete veterinary identification (including any legible brands at the time of the veterinary inspection) has been completed and lodged with the DA.


(When applying for the upgrade from Novice Horse logbook to Endurance Horse Logbook, the Novice Logbook that has been used for your previous ride results gets a big wide yellow sticker wrapped around it, so it is the same book, sometimes referred to now as a yellow logbook. The logbook will cost $10 for the upgrade along with this you now have to pay either a once only Lifetime payment of $65.00 or an Annual/Yearly payment of $30. If choosing an annual registration, then it is the owner's responsibility to make sure the logbook is sent in earlier enough to receive the annual sticker to be eligible to compete, if choosing Lifetime Registration, the logbook does not have to be sent back in.