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The VERA AGM was held on Saturday at the Landsborough Recreation Reserve. Despite ordinary weather earlier in the morning the day was beautiful and warm and an outdoor AGM location was perfect.

There wasn't a huge turn up of members but that didn't stop the good, in depth discussions and contributions on the agenda items.


The new SMC is:

President: Linda Tanian

Vice President: Paul Nugent

Treasurer: Kerrie Gabb

Secretary: Mezcal Manners


Ellen Prestage, Russell Gillingham, Hans Peuker, Russell Robinson

Thanks to these people for putting up their hands and volunteering to keep our sport running.

The following people were elected to the Disciplinary Panel:

Our new Grievance Officer is Tanya Beacham

The draft Minutes will be distributed within the next week for the information of members.

Everyone thorough enjoyed the lovely meal put on by the Landsborough Recreation Reserve Committee and there was a lot of chatter and banter going on. A great way to finish off 2020 and refocus on 2021.