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The VERA AGM was held on Saturday at the Trios Sports Club at Cranbourne. The AGM proceeded very smoothly with a lot of engagement around the subject of rides. The End of Year Presentations followed along with a dinner. Congratulations to all the place getters and winners of the awards.

A good crowd of members and guests attend both events and it was great to see so much interaction happening. Lots of table hopping, laughter and conversations going on.  Speech of the night goes to a very proud grandad Steve Blackhurst!


We welcome Mezcal Manners to the SMC and welcome back Paulene Drew. We say a sad farewell to Martin Mizzi, Geoff Jolly and Jennie Armistead who have contributed to our sport for a number of years. Thanks very much Martin, Geoff and Jennie for your hard work.

The SMC will be focussing this year on getting some rides on the calendar as soon as possible, supporting ride organisers further and encouraging more people to have a go at running a ride.