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AERA have provided the VERA SMC with a report on the status of the AERA Insurance policies. The report is attached for the information of members.



Please find attached the Nomination for VERA State Management Committee Form and the AGM General Business Notification Form. The VERA SMC would like to encourage members to consider nominating for the SMC next year. We have run with a very small number of Committee Members this year and definitely need some additional hands to help out with the work load. It has been a difficult year this year for all of us and the SMC is really keen to make sure 2021 is much better. It will be considerably easier to achieve this aim with assistance from our members.

It would be very much appreciated if you could forward nominations and business for inclusion on the agenda by 19th December 2020 to meet the timelines defined within the Constitution. These nominations are to be submitted to the VERA Secretary, Ellen Prestage, whose contact details are on the VERA website.

Please make sufficient allowance for delivery if using mail services.

The AGM Agenda, minutes from the previous AGM and any attachments will be sent out by 27 December 2020. If you have any questions in regard to the AGM processes please contact ask and a response will be provided.


Nomination and New Bussinees form

The VERA SMC would like to advise that the Tallangatta Valley ride has now been cancelled for 2020. They will be back in 2021 and we look forward to joining them again up in the lovely valley for a great ride. Thanks Naomi and all the crew up there for looking at ways in which to run the ride under very restrictive conditions.

The SMC has also been talking with David and Trish Reeves to see if they could run a ride at Dergholm. Despite a promising start to arrangements it seems that Parks Victoria won't come to the party and allow them access to the tracks required for the ride. For the dates available to Trish and David it was also getting into fire season and access to the forestry tracks was going to be difficult.

The SMC is still trying to source a location in which to run an event but conditions in Gippsland have been pretty wet and available venues are still waterlogged at the moment.

The VERA SMC had decided that the venue for the AGM will be the Landsborough Recreation Reserve. The AGM will be held outdoors (unless weather prevents this). The start time for the AGM is 11 am. The date is 16 January 2021.

Following the conclusion of the AGM a short presentation ceremony will be held to hand out some well deserved distance awards to riders and horses.

Presentations will be followed by a 2 course lunch - BBQ and salads with dessert. We are still waiting on pricing for the catering and will post a further notification as soon as this information is to hand.

If you wish to bring a horse and enjoy a social ride with your fellow endurance members you are welcome to go for a wander out into the Landsborough tracks. A marked trail will not be available but there are plenty of option for riding.

Please BYO chair. A bar will not be available but you can BYO drinks if you wish. Camping is also available if you would like to stay overnight.  Closer to the event the SMC will be looking for members to nominate their attendance to enable catering requirements to be finalised.

The VERA SMC have been able to source Bandana Buffs with the VERA logo imprinted. This product has a dual purpose - it works as a face covering for COVID-19 and also, when we get back to rides, they can be used for those freezing mornings when you ride out. The buffs are light weight, stylish and breathable. The cost will be kept low at $15.00 each plus $6 postage.  This is a great opportunity to support VERA with its latest initiative.  Attached is an order form.  Please complete the order form, make the payment and send the form to the Merchandise Officer, Mezcal Manners.  Also attached is a mock-up of the buff.



Mock Up


Order Form

The VERA AGM has been scheduled for 16th January 2021. Locations are being looked at currently and the format of the AGM will be dependent on what the COVID restrictions allow. Dates for submissions of any items for inclusion on the agenda and for nominations will be notified in the near future.

The VERA SMC is disappointed to announce that the Dergholm ride has been postponed. David Reeves has advised that the COVID-19 situation is such that the risk associated with running the event is not acceptable.

In addition, Trish is not residing in SA as she works there and the new border restrictions means that she must reside in SA to be able to attend her place of employment. This will make it difficult to get the event prepared.

The possibility of running the event will be re-visited once more information is available on the lifting of the Stage 3 restrictions.

The SMC thanks David and Trish for their ongoing willingness to adjust their ride plans according to the ever changing environment we are existing in.