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The VERA SMC would like to congratulate Caley Rees for winning the VERA Discount Ride Entry voucher at the Toongabbie ride. This voucher entitles Caley to a $25 discount on her ride entry fee at the next ride at which she competes.

On behalf of the SMC and the riders attending the Buchan ride we would like to extend our warm thanks to the following volunteers:

Equestrian Australia is driving an awareness campaign on the effects of concussion in equestrian sport. Attached is a power point presentation outlining what to look for in someone who has suffered a knock. Please read this and inform yourselves of the impacts of concussion.



The VERA SMC would like to congratulate the following horse and rider combinations for being selected onto the VERA Quilty Team 2019:

  • Wendy Riha and Bullio Gebreselassie
  • Tanya Beacham and Creswick Magdaleenah
  • Kim Noble and Mizzi Cougar
  • Renee Henry on Cadenza Supernatural

The VERA SMC would like to thank all the volunteers who helped run the Great Western ride.

A list of names is not yet available but we don't want to wait any longer to show our appreciation for the wonderful work done last weekend (and in the lead up to the ride) by all those who gave up some of their time to support the riders and allow them to enjoy our sport. We hope that riders and support crew were polite and expressed their thanks to you all.

Great job! Once we get the Volunteers List we'll publish all the names as per our usual process. Thanks again everybody.

The draft minutes from the VERA SMC meeting held on Saturday, 29th June are now available for the information of members. If you have any questions in regard to any matters contained in the minutes please contact the President, Linda Tanian.

Click Here for minutes

The SMC would like to congratulate Natalia Bognor on winning the discount ride entry at the Buchan ride. This entitles Natalia to enter into another Victorian endurance ride with a $25 discount off the entry fee.

This prize is drawn from all riders who enter the endurance ride at an event - successful or unsuccessful.

The Discount Entry draw will be done at the Great Western ride giving our members another opportunity to win a discounted entry fee for their next ride.